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Quality Services for Dashing Results

Promising Excellence in Everything We Do

Glow Me & Nails® is the premiere nail salon delivering a unique safety and hygienic nail environment. 

No cross contamination, all single use - hygienic tools and spa products. 


Glow® opened in February 2019. Our open-space, modern, and industrial setting inspires creativity, artistic, and delivers high quality, hygienic and safety salon environment, by using 100% all luxury single use spa packages treatments. Our Glow Staff are vigorously trained, highly skilled, and hold their own style and expertise.

Glow® does not reuse and hide sanitizing processes,  our stainless steel implements sanitize through the Autoclave system with pressurized steam at 249 °F. Along with 100% all single-use tools and luxury spa packages for perfectly protect your hands and feet.

*7 Days Policy:


We offer free fix or touch-up for any gel chip or peel, any broken nail after a full set service within 7 days.  Must be same color and not to exceed 1 time per service/ week. We do not offer gel polish changes if you just simply change your mind or not liking the color you picked.

Once services are paid for we will not be able to offer refunds.

All service charge are final. No exchange or Refunds.


Please note that price might slightly change based on your customized order and add-ons!

Relax, Unwind, Renew


Nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, lotion moisturizing, hot towel and a choice of polish. 

CLASSIC MANI                     20

CLASSIC PEDI                      30


Signature mani/pedi treatment. Mineral salt and honey can open up the pores and cleanse the skin, vitamin E and B6 in butter gloves can boost collagen production and promote elasticity by hydrating and exfoliating your skin. Includes a mineral flower bath, butter gloves*, fresh lemon, honey scrub, callus treatment and a 7-minute hot oil massage.

GLOW ME MANI                  29

GLOW ME PEDI                   40


The powerful detox properties of Charcoal/ Tea Tree/ Aussie Clay are rich in antioxidants infused with a unique blend of collagen and mineral oil to nourish the skin for a healthier feel. Includes a bath soak w/ mineral salt and Epsom salt, fresh lemon, callus treatment*, butter gloves*, invigorating collagen mask, sugar scrub, cooling gel,  exhilarating massage with collagen cream, hot oil, hot stones and a 12-minute massage.

REFRESH MANI                    39

REFRESH PEDI                     50


In our luxe mani/pedi treatment, Glow goes organic. Certified organic plant based products will detox, replenish, and make your skin silky with the nutrients it deserves. Includes triple detoxify bath w/ mineral salt - Epsom salt - Himalayan Pink Salt, natural hydration clay mask, Keratin gloves/sock*, rice scrub, cooling gel, therapy cream, serum oil and hot stone, finish with a Rose Quartz serum rinse treatment and 15-minute massage.

GLAM ME MANI                     46

GLAM ME PEDI                      60


GEL MANICURE                               35

Nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, butter gloves, hot towel and a choice of gel polish. 


The Signature Gel Manicure is a perfectly combination for those worry with their thin & damage nails, by adding a thin layer of soak off builder gel to strengthen your nails.