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Quality Services for Dashing Results

Promising Excellence in Everything We Do

Glow Me & Nails® is the premiere nail salon delivering a unique safety and hygienic nail environment. 

No cross contamination, all single use - hygienic tools and spa products. 


Glow® opened in February 2019. Our open-space, modern, and industrial setting inspires creativity, artistic, and delivers high quality, hygienic and safety salon environment, by using 100% all luxury single use spa packages treatments. Our Glow Staff are vigorously trained, highly skilled, and hold their own style and expertise.

Glow® does not reuse and hide sanitizing processes,  our stainless steel implements sanitize through the Autoclave system with pressurized steam at 249 °F. Along with 100% all single-use tools and luxury spa packages for perfectly protect your hands and feet.


Relax, Unwind, Renew


Nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, lotion moisturizing, hot towel and a choice of polish. 

CLASSIC MANI                     20

CLASSIC PEDI                      30


Signature mani/pedi treatment. Mineral salt and honey can open up the pores and cleanse the skin, vitamin E and B6 in butter gloves can boost collagen production and promote elasticity by hydrating and exfoliating your skin. Includes a mineral flower bath, butter gloves*, fresh lemon, honey scrub, callus treatment and a 7-minute hot oil massage.

GLOW ME MANI                  29

GLOW ME PEDI                   40


The powerful detox properties of Charcoal/ Tea Tree/ Aussie Clay are rich in antioxidants infused with a unique blend of collagen and mineral oil to nourish the skin for a healthier feel. Includes a bath soak w/ mineral salt and Epsom salt, fresh lemon, callus treatment*, butter gloves*, invigorating collagen mask, sugar scrub, cooling gel,  exhilarating massage with collagen cream, hot oil, hot stones and a 12-minute massage.

REFRESH MANI                    39

REFRESH PEDI                     50


In our luxe mani/pedi treatment, Glow goes organic. Certified organic plant based products will detox, replenish, and make your skin silky with the nutrients it deserves. Includes triple detoxify bath w/ mineral salt - Epsom salt - Himalayan Pink Salt, natural hydration clay mask, Keratin gloves/sock*, rice scrub, cooling gel, therapy cream, serum oil and hot stone, finish with a Rose Quartz serum rinse treatment and 15-minute massage.

GLAM ME MANI                     46

GLAM ME PEDI                      60


GEL MANICURE                               35

Nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, butter gloves, hot towel and a choice of gel polish. 


The Signature Gel Manicure is a perfectly combination for those worry with their thin & damage nails, by adding a thin layer of soak off builder gel to strengthen your nails.